Facility Advocates

Co-authored Solutions
That Solve Problems, Reduce Risk and Save Money

Energy & Health Focused

We work with you to identify the best plan and design to optimize your building’s environment, solve energy issues, create a comfortable and healthy space for occupants, and meet your budget restrictions.

Public & Private Facilities

Facility Advocates offers a NO COST comprehensive survey identifying where you’re at and what needs to be done to meet your goals.

Freedom to Choose

Partnering with Facility Advocates means accessing a degree of customization not always available in bid projects. Choose the brands and models that make the most sense for your environment and get clarity on the project before it begins.

HVAC Service & Repairs

Customized to support your specific
facility goals.

Welcome to Facility Advocates

Whatever your role may be – facility director, Superintendent, owner, etc. – being tasked with operating and maintaining a building comes with many challenges and responsibilities along with your daily job tasks. You can quickly become overwhelmed when projects and maintenance get behind schedule, orders are changed, equipment fails, and mistakes are made that you have no control over.

Facility Advocates takes the uncertainty out of the operation of your building and building projects. We work like as owner’s rep and relieve you of doing two complex jobs at once. Taking a co-authored approach to facility and project management allows our clients to get clarity before a project begins and peace of mind knowing how it will unfold every step of the way. Additionally, it relieves our clients of the burden of managing as the project progresses.

Energy Experts

Energy is the second highest expenditure for your facility next to employees. Getting an audit on how your energy is being used can uncover significant cost savings. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the presence of high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are directly related to your facility’s energy infrastructure. Facility Advocates understands how energy infrastructure affects costs, productivity, and health within a building and designs and directs solutions to meet your short- and long-term needs.