Facility Advocates About Us

Co-authored Solutions
That Solve Problems, Reduce Risk and Save Money

Facility Advocates is committed to building strategic partnerships, nurturing and strengthening human capital resources, and being your most informed, innovative, and communicative advocate for your project.

We proudly serve educational institutions, healthcare, government, and commercial property owners in Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin

Our Mission is to serve each client in a personalized way so at the end of the project they have full confidence that every relevant variable was considered, and they made the most informed decisions to achieve their immediate and long-term goals.

How We Advocate for You

Our team has an average of 20 years of experience, we’ve developed a framework and methodology that guides us in helping bring the most value to each client. Because every project is different, we only offer customized solutions. Even the process of customization needs to be tailored to each unique customer.

Our guiding framework is as follows:

  • Only through integrity, accuracy, and transparency can we deliver our promise.
  • Every team member is valued and has the responsibility to hold subordinates and superiors accountable in order to deliver the team’s mission consistently.
  • Every recommendation we make is backed by proven results.
  • We must not only carry out the project successfully, on time, and on budget, but must ensure our clients understand the value they’re receiving in a measurable and verifiable way.

Guiding Principles

Facility Advocates believe that data-driven system performance improvement is the foundation of intelligent design solutions.

The marriage of the right hardware and software are the building blocks to a successful design build.  Choosing the right hardware to fit a unique environment leads to the generation, aggregation, and communication of environmental and operation data. Software allows us to see how the hardware is performing, and the analytics are used to make informed decisions about strategy, processes, and optimization.