Facility Advocates Solutions

Co-authored Solutions
That Solve Problems, Reduce Risk and Save Money

No Cost Survey

Identify facility strengths, weaknesses, and what can be implemented to meet schedule and budgetary goals.

Investment Audit

Project details, schedule, budget details, and savings estimates.

Project Management

Procurement, contract administration, quality control

Post Project Support

Operational data analytics to fine-tune and adjust operations, flexibility to access maintenance options, and training for your staff.

Solutions We Provide

  • Performance/Energy Savings Projects
  • HVAC/BAS Retrofit Projects
  • Lighting Retrofit Projects
  • Polar Ionization Projects
  • Mechanical and Service Automation Agreements

Our Solution Approach

Facility Advocates works with you using a co-authored approach that results in clarity on the best ways to optimize energy efficiency and create a healthy environment. Our holistic approach takes all relevant variables, including energy supply, building design, current systems, facility operations, and occupant use.  Together, we create a plan that maximizes the value of your infrastructure improvements by optimizing energy efficiency and creating a comfortable environment that promotes productivity.

The first step to optimizing your energy infrastructure is understanding what you have and what is missing.  We conduct an in-depth no-cost, no-obligation survey that outlines your facilities’ strengths and weaknesses and what we can do to help transform your environment.

Designed for Your Facility

Every facility’s’ energy performance is directly tied to how it’s used by the occupants. Based on our survey findings, we’ll work together to design a plan to meet your goals. Facility Advocates provides turnkey solutions by functioning like an owner’s rep and taking the lead before, during, and after project completion. You stay informed every step of the way but have the freedom to focus on your primary work tasks while we take on the heavy lifting.

Solve Problems, Save Money, & Increase Motivation

When you solve your energy problems, you end up saving money in multiple ways. The most obvious savings come from having a facility operating at maximum efficiency. Upgrading your facility with the latest in HVAC technology is where many of our clients start. We also look at lighting, roofing, windows, and other energy-focused services.

Some of the biggest problems in school and work environments that we solve are related to air quality. Classrooms and offices with stale air, no circulation, and mold issues can result in learning environment deficiencies and poor worker productivity. Both students and employee motivation can be adversely affected when asked to perform in sub-optimal environments.

Analytics Help Fine Tune Your Investment
After your new system is in place, cutting-edge analytic tools get to work and determine how to make your facility perform at its peak. Today’s HVAC systems can integrate with automation tools that run and track performance and give you easy to understand feedback to make adjustments promoting more efficiency and optimal comfort.